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Designing Learning Portals for Consumption & Value Add

Thur, 31st August 2017
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM AEDT

Melbourne UnConference 2017

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LearningCafe UnConference comes to Melbourne on 16th Aug

The DNA of L&D is changing. Over the past two years, we have observed L&D becoming more sophisticated in the way it delivers its business and services. From a stand alone function delivering mostly...





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Here is what Australian 100 L&D Professionals told us.

A nother UnConference was held on the 23rd Feb 2017 at the Australian Technology Park. With successful years of discussion and debate at the UnConference,...
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Next Gen L&D Professional Development Framework

Changing Rubrics for L&D Drive Next Gen Capabilities Most learning delivery goals are usually driven by budgets, taking very little consideration of the more important...

Melbourne UnConference 2016



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Online Social Learning & Community Management

Social and Informal Learning, Onboarding, Collaboration & Innovation, Knowledge Exchange, Performance Support, Social Recruiting, Partner & alumni networks Do you want to leverage social...
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Business Acumen Workshop for L&D

Overview “Business Acumen” has been identified as one of the most important competencies that Learning & Capability Development Professionals need to be effective and succeed...
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Foundations of Capability Management

Program Overview Recent trends have indicated Capability Management to be gaining impetus as one of the most critical skills on the business front. Organisations need...

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