Learning Cafe is kicking of another collaborative project exploring the application of Behavioural Economics to Learning.

The hypothesis will test is

“Applying behavioural economics to decisions made for employee learning will assist L&D in becoming more effective in delivering business outcomes.”

We will look into behavioural aspects of what should be rational decisions made at the :

  • Company level – L&D spend, Philosophy of Employee Development How is ROI viewed.
  • Manager Level – How they spend L&D budget, Who do they send for training,
  • Learner Level – Whether they undertake Training. How much time they decide to spend etc etc

Working Group Kick Off Meeting Recording

A Beginner’s Guide to Irrational Behaviour – MOOC



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Jeevan Joshi

Jeevan is the Founder & Producer of LearningCafe and HRCafe. Jeevan is an experienced practitioner of technology based learning and collaboration in Australia. For over 18 years he has combined a strategic and “hands on” approach to assist organisations understand, design, deliver and improve technology enabled solutions and processes.His expertise is fuelled by his passion for learning, anticipation of technology trends, and a focus on costs effective solutions.Jeevan has a passion for technology based learning and its ability to achieve bottom line results and social change

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