LearningCafe experienced a lull in 2018 as it ventured into Capability Management (CapabilityCafe) and Employee Experience (EXAssembly). This coincided with my desire to get hands-on in the end-to-end enterprise design and implementation of concepts we discussed in LearningCafe, such as content curation, learning through communities, performance support, and user-generated content.

During this lull, we expected the L&D profession and practice to grow and evolve. Although there has been some progress, my view is that the needle has not moved substantially in the last 4-5 years, as confirmed by recent discussions with L&D senior professionals.

  • Mainstream learning technologies have become commodities but haven’t fully delivered on their promises, even though they continue to shape the discussion.
  • AI is emerging as a game-changer, but its integration with L&D function remains uncertain.
  • L&D has become more challenging as organizations have become more integrated, and business cycles have shortened.
  • Themes like skills and capability management are regaining momentum, but practical and sustainable solutions remain elusive.
  • Learners are increasingly taking control of and curating their own learning, while organizational systems are left to focus on compliance.
  • L&D professional development remains fragmented without a robust framework.

Given these challenges and my own desire to have frank, in-depth discussions with passionate L&D professionals, We are reviving the monthly LearningCafe webinars. These webinars will maintain their original intent of being informal, evidence-based, and encouraging the exchange of ideas.

The topics covered will be relevant at the enterprise/system level, including aspects such as governance, optimization, and cost management. We will also conduct deep dives into learning, performance, and knowledge management themes, exploring vertical solutions like Sales, Technology, Leadership, and more. Additionally, we’ll explore the interplay of L&D with other organizational systems such as OD, HR, Risk Management, and Culture. Our approach will remain balanced and free from any agenda-pushing.