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Informal learning:formal recognition

As a result of using either a sophisticated Learning Management System or a simple spreadsheet, we know how to record the outcomes, assessment results etc of formal learning.  We also know how to use those records [...]

Fortitude – the mix of intuition, courage and boldness

When asked to develop a learning program we are often provided, initially at least, with three pieces of information. The context is usually provided and you know the typical scenarios . . . “we need to [...]

True Pioneer: William C Norris

With all the discussion we have about learning technologies, social networking and relevance to learning it’s worth spending a few minutes to reflect on, and be humbled by, the work of a man who, at the [...]

The Effectiveness of Learning – What Does Success Mean to You?

This post follows on from “Back to Basics” which outlined some key considerations for learning effectiveness and called for some refresher thinking about the fundamentals of what we do within our professional, how we do it, [...]

The effectiveness of learning – Back to Basics

This posting is the first in a series that will discuss a wide range of considerations to be taken into account to ensure effectiveness of learning interventions.  The approach will take into consideration myriad issues that [...]