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M-Learning’s dirty little secrets

I have a confession to make. At my workplace a little while ago, I created a smartphone-friendly version of our online induction course. Ownership of smartphones is relatively common in this corner of the world, and [...]

The Effectiveness of Learning – Ready, Set, Go! (Part 2)

This post follows on from The Effectiveness of Learning – Ready, St, Go (Part 1) which discussed the first four of eight points about implementing e-learning.  This post covers the remaining four points. Maturity – The overall “readiness” [...]

The Effectiveness of Learning – Ready, Set, Go! (Part 1)

This post follows on from “The Effectiveness of Learning – deleting instruction” and concentrates on the implementation of e-learning. The following four points represent the first of eight points which briefly summarise my experience implementing formally structured e-learning.   [...]