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Why do we still call it classroom training?

Over the years I’ve been asked how I keep participants in classroom training engaged and eager. Firstly, I’d like to remove the word classroom because the word itself makes us think of our primary or secondary [...]

Playing by numbers

The theme of last week’s Learning Cafe in Sydney was How to Win Friends and Influence Learning Stakeholders. Among the stakeholders considered was the “C-Level & Leadership”. This got me thinking, do the C-suite and lower [...]

The disillusionment of training

The Freedictionary provides the following description of disillusionment; “having lost one’s ideals, illusions, or false ideas about someone or something; disenchanted” I’ve been spending a lot of time recently thinking about the role of training in [...]

The Blame Game

Unfortunately the ‘blame game’ isn’t something linked to my last post about gamification. It relates to a catchphrase that was a running joke in a previous role. In my time as a trainer there were a [...]