Coffee Catch Ups

coffee catch upWhat are Learning Cafe Coffee catch ups ?

LearningCafe organizes coffee catch ups every once a month for experienced Learning Managers and Practitioners across cities in Australia. The discussion focuses on current Learning trends, challenges and opportunities at the workplace.



Who can join the catch up ?

Invitation to the Learning Café is extended to  L&D enthusiasts who:

  • Have expertise or interest in the
    • Effectiveness of learning to deliver business results.
    • Developing capability of the learning function.
    • Implementation of “new learning* which encompasses blended learning, performance support, e-Learning etc.
  • Have a bias for putting into practice (as opposed to academic interest), so that we can discuss barriers/ challenges/ realities i.e. the grit of deploying “new learning” or increasing the effectiveness of learning in organisations.
  • Interested in pure discussion (not selling products, or services or expertise) and maintain the integrity of the discussion.


  • The Learning Cafe will be held at a time/ date agreed by the group. Each Learning Café usually has 10 – 12 members.
  • You are not expected to attend every meeting given our busy schedules. 4 – 5 members usually turn up which results in some interesting conversion.


  • Moderation of a session rotates amongst the members. The topic for the session is chosen in advance by the group.
  • As a group of experienced professionals everyone’s contribution is valued and differences in opinions are respected.All opinions and insights are welcome.
  • The discussion especially about work related issues/ topics are kept confidential within the group.
  • The group meets at a coffee shop and bill for the coffee is a shared expense or the event is hosted by one of the members at their office.

Any preparation required ?

Not really just your insights and opinions.Some research on the topic to share with the group will be appreciated.

What happens after  ?

Insights are incorporated into a webinar which is then shared with the larger L&D community

Whom do I contact ?​ Please use the contact form

  • Adelaide – Rod Winders (Elders Insurance)
  • Brisbane – Jenelyn Hall (Cancer Council Queensland)
  • Melbourne – David Le Page (3TimesP) and Les Lizs (Energy Australia)
  • Newcastle – Kevin Sinclair (Ascent)
  • Sydney CBD – – Jeevan Joshi (LearningCafe)
  • Sydney North Ryde – Jeevan Joshi  (LearningCafe)
  • Auckland – Renetta Alexander (BNZ) and James Scoggins (BNZ)