Learning Conversations (

The published interview will feature your photo. This is a 30 min interview about being an learning professional and not so much as an employee of your company. Some examples


Questions Covered

The interview is conducted in person or via phone and will cover:

  1. How did you get into learning?
  2. Current trends, challenges and issues faced in implementation of innovation in learning (including technology based learning).
  3. Challenges faced specifically in your industry (e.g. banking, professional services).
  4. Questions about particular topics in learning of interest to you. This may be based on:
    1. Project that you are working on.
    2. Recent presentation you have made.
    3. Paper you have written.

Other specific questions will be communicated to you in advance.


  1. The interview will be recorded and then transcribed
  2. The transcription will be sent to you for review and comments.
  3. The article (along with the photo you supply) will be published in draft form and the link sent you for review.
  4. Once you have reviewed and approved the article will be published.
  5. The article will be publicised via social media (twitter, LinkedIn etc)
  6. Any comments from readers will be reviewed before being published.