Date : Thu, May 23, 2013 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM AEST


How is Learning Design doing in Australia? Are we good? Are we innovative? Do we improve our Learning Design processes? Or are we simply too rushed to think about good design and incorporate improvements?

We take a look at Learning Design in Australia at two levels, 1. Learning Design (techniques/frameworks) and 2. Learning Design Process (including maturity and continuous improvement). We share some of our research, talk to an experienced panel, hear from organisations about their Learning Design process and as always state the Learning Cafe point of view. We cover:

Learning Cafe Research 
  • What are the common approaches for Learning Design?
  • Do the design approaches differ for technology-enabled learning?
We Discussion
  • What is the current Learning Design approach and process used in your organisation?
  • Have we restricted ourselves to simple sequential design frameworks which are inadequate for complex and integrated learning? Are our Learning Design processes mature and do we keep improving them?
  • Is Learning Design mostly focused on compliance or systems training?
  • Does the capability of Instruction and Learning Designers need to be enhanced?
  • Are the change approaches for Learning meeting the needs to be responsive and agile?
  • What are some of the emerging models of design outside of learning? Can we borrow from game and social media design?

Mike Kappell- Learning Cafe-Learning Design in Australia - Is it mature enough? Peter Hall - Learning Cafe-Learning Design in Australia - Is it mature enough?Helen Blunden - LearningCafe-Learning Design in Australia - Is it mature enough?Jeevan Joshi-LearningCafe- Learning Design in Australia - Is it mature enough?

  • Mike Keppell -Executive Director and Professor, Australian Digital Futures Institute University of Southern Queensland. Mike has a long professional history in higher education in Australia, Canada and Hong Kong. He was Professor of Higher Education and Director of the Flexible Learning Institute at Charles Sturt University, and prior to that was Head of the Centre for Learning, Teaching and Technology at the Hong Kong Institute of Education.
  • Peter Hall – Head of Learning and Development, QBE Insurance. Peter Hall has held senior L&D leadership positions with Westpac, St George and IAG. Learning Cafe interview with Peter Hall
  • Helen Blunden – Virtual Learning Consultant for NAB. Helen has been involved with Learning Design over 23 years as a designer, manager and consultant for leading Australian organisations.

We explore what organisations are doing in our Workplace Practices Section

  • Tim Banning – Westpac Design Team – Design process at Westpac
  • Jason La Greca Manager – Learning Technologies and eLearning at Access Macquarie Ltd (Macquarie Uni) – Design process for innovative learning.

Jeevan Joshi – Moderator – Jeevan is the producer of Learning Cafe and Director at KnowledgeWorking. Jeevan is an experienced Learning and HR practitioner who is passionate about enhancing the capabilities of Learning professions and the digitisation of the Learning function.

Survey L Cafe-Learning Design in Australia - Is it mature enough?

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Learning Design in Australia – Is it mature enough ?


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