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MOOCs for Employee Learning – Practitioners View – Online ForumMOOCs for Employee Learning – Practitioners View – Online Forum

October 9, 2013

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Currently there is limited discussion on the use of MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses) for organisational or employee learning. Given that MOOCs are being dubbed a game changer in the academic world, Learning Café did some thinking and made this call:

Learning Excellence in AustraliaAspiring for Learning Excellence in Australia – Are we in the race ?

July 24, 2013

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kSo where does Australian organisational learning stand on the world stage. Are we aspiring for excellence or just cruising? Is the tall poppy syndrome at work? The Australian academic sector (Universities and Schools) has a structured and focused approach to defining what excellence in learning means and how to achieve it. This approach seems to be missing in organisational and corporate learning. Maybe we are running so fast that we may never stop to improve our running technique.

Learning Design in Australia Learning CafeLearning in Australia Design – Is It Mature Enough?

May 23, 2013

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We take a look at Learning Design in Australia at two levels, 1. Learning Design (techniques/frameworks) and 2. Learning Design Process (including maturity and continuous improvement). We share some of our research, talk to an experienced panel, hear from organisations about their Learning Design process and as always state the Learning Cafe point of view.

Learning Cafe Workplace Trends Forum – Supporting Performance with LearningManaging the Change of Learning – Workplace Trends Forum

March 28, 2013

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Learning and Change Management are joined at the hip. As Learning professionals become more experienced they begin to see that learning interventions isolated from the larger work context are likely to be ineffective.

We talk to an experienced panel of Learning and Change professionals about their views, opinions and experience in applying change management to Learning initiatives involving classroom, online, blended and social learning.

Looking back at 2012. What is coming in 2013 Learning CafeLooking back at 2012. What is coming in 2013 – Learning Cafe Workplace Trends Forum

December 6, 2012

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Our final online panel discussion for 2012 and it is not be missed. We speak to a panel of learning and performance managers to review the year that was and the next one

Learning Cafe Worksplace Trends - Linking Learning to Bottom Line

Linking Learning to the Bottom Line – Learning Cafe Workplace Trends Forum

November 8, 2012

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The measurement of the impact of learning has traditionally been done against inputs. Some widely accepted measures include training spend per employee, number of training hours per person, number of completions and assessment scores. The desire to measure the outputs  at the business end i.e increase in profitability, market share, increase in employee productivity has been hampered by lack of appropriate and robust direct measures or the lack of adequate resources, methodology and management attention.

Learning Cafe Workplace Trends - Supporting Performance with LearningLearning Cafe Workplace Trends Forum – Supporting Performance with Learning

October 11, 2012

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We talk to a panel of experienced practitioners from organisations about the opportunities and challenges of designing learning for performance support. We hear from Red Cross and Standard Chartered about the imperatives for performance support and processes and technology they have put in place.

Outsourcing of Learning Learning CafeOutsourcing of Learning – Good, Bad, Challenges & Opportunities

August 30, 2013

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Outsourcing in learning and training has been around for a long time. It happens when we get an external expert to deliver a workshop for our employees because either the capability does not exist internally or the capable people are busy running the business. The business of learning has become more complex over the past 10 years. A predominantly class room training model has moved to a blended learning with more learning being delivered via technology (e-learning).

Learning Cafe July Theme Gamification

Gamification – Can we get serious & the new Instructional Design ?

July 26, 2012

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We explore what gamification is, how far or close it is to becoming mainstream. The challenges and approaches to its practical application.

Learning on a tighter budget Learning Cafe Jeevan JoshiLearning on a tighter budget – Mindset for the future ? Theme for June

June 28, 2012

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The first two things that get cut with a tight economy and reduced budgets are training and travel. Faced with tighter training budgets, organizations have to find innovative new ways of developing their workforces. Some organisations have cut the amount of training provided or resorted to technology to deliver training.

Lets Talk Webinars Learning Cafe VET E-Learning Strategy

Let’s Talk Learning – National VET E-Learning Webinars by Learning Cafe

May 23, 2012

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We are pleased to invite the Learning Cafe community to the “Let’s Talk Learning” webinar series being organised by The Industry System Change Business Activity of the National VET E-learning Strategy. Two of the three webinars will be delivered by Jeevan Joshi and Peter Davis of Learning Cafe.

Learning Cafe Learning BrandingBranding of Learning or is reputation enough ? Learning Cafe May Theme & Webinar

May 31, 2012

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Being exposed to branding and marketing is now part of life*. In larger companies internal brands (departments, initiatives etc)  have been used to create visibility and engage employees with the hope of resulting into action or change. Will the learning function benefit from having its own brand ? Or should we be old school and build a reputation through meeting needs of our customers and learners.

Learning Stakeholders Learning Cafe WebinarHow to Win Friends and Influence Learning Stakeholders – Learning Cafe April Theme – Register for Webinar

April 26, 2012

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 L&D & Capability professionals need to the tick of approval from stakeholders such as Business, IT, Risk, Compliance etc. to effectively deploy learning solutions. We discuss challenges faced and share tips and tricks to get them onside.

70-20-10 Learning Cafe Webinar Discussion170:20:10 Learning Framework – Where did those numbers come from ?

March 29, 2012

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“I have a question relating to this webinar, that I’d love answered, and that is really to substantiate the rigour behind the 70-20-10 model”.


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Are we going back to a full circle? The “70-20-10” refers to how you should allocate professional development: 70% of all development should occur on-the-job, 20% from relationships, networking and feedback, and 10% from formal training opportunities.







“Basis of credibility of a person who is perceived to be knowledgeable in an area or topic due to his or her study, training, or experience in the subject matter.”

Learning CafeDoes Learning pay too much attention to Leadership Development ? Debate Webinar 27 Oct

October 27, 2011

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Do we have a debate on our hands ! Leadership development has been a sacred cow for learning. There is no debate that leaders and their development is important for the health of the organisation.

Learning Cafe Learning Evaluation Webinar Moderator Jeevan Joshi





Did we have some good discussion during the webinar on “Making Learning Evaluation Work – Lessons from Marketing & Elsewhere” ! As expected we did not find any silver bullets and probably raised more questions than we answered. There was general agreement that learning evaluation could be better despite the challenges.

September 29, 2011

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The need to evaluate learning (outcomes, effectiveness, ROI) is not disputed and highly desirable.  The reality is that evaluation costs money, takes time and requires specific skills.  On the other side many business managers,consider evaluation as “history” and the money has been spent.In some organisation.