The Art and Science of Optimising Learner Experience

Learning experience refers to any interaction, course, program, or other experience in which learning takes place, whether it occurs in traditional academic settings (schools, classrooms) or nontraditional settings (outside-of-school locations, outdoor environments), or whether it includes traditional educational interactions (students learning from teachers and professors) or nontraditional interactions (students learning through games and interactive software applications).

A great learning experience adds value to the learner

This means we are helping them understand something they couldn’t before, it’s easy to use, and well-crafted. The entire experience should feel purposeful, and put the needs of the learner first.

A great learning experience focuses on being effective first

If it’s not effective, then it’s failed at being a learning experience. Being visually rich, interactive, and enjoyable are all important, but they should be used to enrich the learning, not to substitute it.

A great learning experience promotes further learning

Learning just to pass an exam is the saddest outcome education can have. We think great learning experiences should inspire our students to become lifelong learners, and encourage them to pursue education beyond just the course we are creating.

The 1.5-hour year-end omnibus webinar features three panels of experienced Learning practice leaders from leading organisations from Australia, US and Singapore.

Wed, 3 July 2019
12 – 1 pm Sydney Time

Organisational Learning & Future of Work

12.30 – 1 pm Sydney/ 9.30 – 10 am Singapore

We discuss the role and impact of L&D in the organisation and whether it is responding to business and employee requirements. We ponder if L&D is able to collaborate across the HR silos to provide an effective employee value proposition.

  • Maree Howard – Head of Learning at Lendlease 
  • Anish Lalchandani – Global Head Talent, Learning & Culture Optimisation at Standard Chartered Bank
  • Darin Fox – Project Lead, Long Term Workforce Strategy at Sydney Water
Designing for Effectiveness

1 – 1.30 pm Sydney/ 10 – 10.30 am Singapore

The panel discusses whether learning design and development is adapting by innovating and improving its products and services. We examine if we have made any real progress in improving the measurement of learning impact.

  • Vanessa Blewitt – Global Transformation Lead: Learning Intelligence & Effectiveness at Nestle
  • Ben Carr – Director at EY
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