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Are we going back to a full circle? The “70-20-10” refers to how you should allocate professional development: 70% of all development should occur on-the-job, 20% from relationships, networking and feedback, and 10% from formal training opportunities. The 70:20:10 framework is just a little like Alice’s Looking-Glass House. It helps organisations to take a different view of the way learning and development can be approached. It moves focus to where most of the ‘real’ learning happens – in the workplace – yet retains some on the elements of formal, structured learning where it works.






A cynic’s view could be that reduced budgets for delivering formal courses, learning via job experiences have become the convenient flavour of the month. It shifts the workload back to the line manager. Or have we belatedly realised that courses may not be that effective due to poor learning transfer? Or is it just that the conditions (technology availability, learning motivation, and budget cuts – i.e. motivation to change) are right for this approach? This month – March 2012, Learning Café focuses on this theme and will be discussing the following:

  • Is 70:20:10 a close relative of long-established forms of learning such as apprenticeships and on-job training?
  • Is 70:20:10 taking us back to focus on-job learning and informal learning? Something that L&D professionals may have been less exposed to, as learning became concentrated in classrooms?
  • Are the following drivers accelerating the move to 70:20:10?
    • Availability of learning technology to make 70 + 20 easier.
    • Less budget available for classroom training.
    • Learning content is becoming complex with a short shelf life.
  • What changes are we, as L&D professionals making to our learning design, processes and skills?
  • 70:20 is not likely to be measured easily. Are we comfortable with enabling but not measuring (and taking credit)?

A panel of experienced L&D professionals will explore this topic. Join this professional development webinar from the comfort of your desk.LearningCafe-70-20-10 Approach Is it New? Is it different this time?

  • Date: 29th March, Thursday
  • Time: 12 noon – 1 pm, EST / Sydney Time
  • Register at www1.gotomeeting.com/register/492207601 or  http://bit.ly/lcafewebinar2
  • Panel
    • Rob Wilkins, Head of Learning, Aussie Home Loans
    • Liz Griffin, People Development, Ernst & Young
    • Anne Hodges, AMP
    • Ernest Jilg – Dept of Justice, TAS
    • Jeevan Joshi – KnowledgeWorking, Moderator

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