About LearningCafe

LearningCafe- Desperate Need to Reinvent the L&D professional in Australia

LearningCafe  is a community of practice that is powered by senior thought leaders and leading L&D professionals in Australia. LearningCafe enables a freewheeling exchange of thoughts, ideas, learning experiences and best practices with senior L&D practitioners in Australia.

The essence of Learning Cafe…

Founded in 2009, LearningCafe was recognized for its learning thought leadership that helped L&D professionals self sustain ever changing learning technology and workplace trends.

Learning Café was created in response to a lack of opportunities for quality discussions that were not sales pitches in disguise. The key focus has been around  developing capability of the profession through a unique learning design.

LearningCafe has built a unique forum of L&D practitioners in Australia to discuss and debate the opportunities, challenges and skill requirements facing the Australian L&D profession.