Agile & ADDIE -Tango or Face Off 2


Over the years the systematic ADDIE process has proven successful in design and development of learning. However, with the Agile approach growing in popularity, ADDIE is being perceived to be too “organised” and “slow” in today’s world of swift change and quick results. Moreover, evidence suggests that the push for Agile has made a relatively small dent on the popularity of ADDIE. Agile is radically different from ADDIE (waterfall approach) and hence demands a different skill and mindset.

In this online discussion, we talk to a panel comprising of Agile specialists and Learning Designers.

We Discuss

  • Is ADDIE failing to effectively meet the new demands for learning, that we need to consider Agile?
  • Does Agile apply to all projects and all stages of a project? Can Agile and ADDIE be combined?
  • Does the effectiveness of the learning produced, vary with the approach used for design and development?
  • Have you tried any of the new approaches? Can you share examples of what worked and what did not?


Agile & ADDIE -Tango or Face Off 2 Gareth LearningCafe Vikram-LearningCafe-Agile & ADDIE -Tango or Face Off 2 Jeevan Joshi-Learning Cafe-Agile & ADDIE -Tango or Face Off 2

  • Gareth Murphy – Consultant – Leadership & Professional Development at NAB – Gareth has over 15 years of experience in developing L&D for some of the most well-known brands in Australia. He has been currently working on developing and delivering NAB’s Agility training to project teams. He is now using his extensive experiences to incorporate agile ways of working into a traditional L&D function which isn’t always straight forward.
  • Vikram Vetrivel – Vikram is a Scrum Alliance Certified- Scrum Master with over 8 years of experience in practicing Agile methodologies. Vikram began his career with GE Healthcare where he led multiple Agile projects, coordinating and working with teams from India, France, China and the USA.
  • Jeevan Joshi – Producer Learning Cafe & CapabilityCafe– Jeevan is an experienced Learning and Capability practitioner who is passionate about the digitisation of  Learning & HR and building organisational and team capabilities to make it happen. Jeevan is currently involved in Future Capability projects