Agile & Learning featuring ADDIE-Tango or Face Off? Online Discussion

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Over the years the systematic ADDIE process has proven successful in design and development of learning. However, can maybe ADDIE is too “organised” in today’s world of swift change. The landscape today characterised by frequently changing business requirements, incorporation of Web 2.0 elements, short shelf-life of content and the need for clients to see what they are getting (or at least a sample) in the early stages of the process. Clients are not only looking for compressed delivery schedules but more flexibility and transparency in the learning design and development process.

Also, the demands from learning designers are greater than ever, to show clearer linkages between their decisions with business outcomes. The last decade or so has seen the emergence of a number of alternative approaches to address the new demands of learning – such as Rapid Learning, Agile and Scrum, SAM, DADDIE (D is Define from DMAIC) so on.

We discuss
  • Is ADDIE failing to effectively meet the new demands for learning? Do you agree? If yes, what are the shortcomings in your opinion?
  • What are the challenges in making learning design agile? Do ‘rapid/agile’ approaches work?
  • Does the effectiveness of the learning produced, vary with the approach used for design and development?
  • Have you tried any of the new approaches? Can you share examples of what worked and did not?

LearningCafe- Agile & Learning featuring ADDIE-Tango or Face Off?Diane runs an effective Learning Design team, which has been fine-tuned over 10 years. The team comprises of experienced Instructional Designers, Consultants and Developers who churn out the high-quality classroom and online training. The ADDIE methodology has been used develop well-defined processes which have allowed Diane to outsource some activities and reduce costs while maintaining quality. Business has however complained that the turn-around times are now too long as the pace of change has picked up. Sharon the CEO has recently announced that the entire organisation would adopt the agile approach where ever possible. Diane has attended Agile training workshop conducted at the company and is not convinced that it can or should replace ADDIE. Diane is thinking about making a business case to stay with ADDIE and not adopt Agile but is afraid of being out of step with the rest of the company. What should Diane do?


Angela Hales- Learning Cafe-Agile & Learning featuring ADDIE-Tango or Face Off?Max D'Argenio -Learning Cafe-Agile & Learning featuring ADDIE-Tango or Face Off?Jenni Reid-Learning Cafe-Agile & Learning featuring ADDIE-Tango or Face Off?Jeevan Joshi -Learning Cafe-Agile & Learning featuring ADDIE-Tango or Face Off?

  • Angela Hales – Learning & Development Specialist at MYOB. Angela will talk about her experience with applying Agile to Learning Design.
  • Max D’Argenio – Learning Technologies Specialist at Optus. Max will cover his experience in applying Agile approach to a learning event design and Human Centered Design.
  • Jenni Reid – Learning Governance, Policy and Strategy Manager at Suncorp. Jenni will talk about the use of Agile for Learning Design at Suncorp.
  • Jeevan Joshi – Producer – Learning Cafe.