Selecting new enterprise software products is one of the most challenging and potentially high risk tasks many organizations undertake. How often have you gone through a lengthy purchasing process only to find that the choice you made is not the right one?

You sat through demos where the tool shined.  You developed an exhaustive list of requirements and compared them to the stated features of each product.  In the end, you selected a tool only to find out later that it was overly complex or it was a only a conglomeration of poorly integrated products instead of the “suite” that was advertised.

Our experience shows us that Agile methodologies offer a better way. We have developed a product selection process, based on classic agile principles to remove the risk from large software purchases.

At the end of the process the organization knows:

  • Exactly what their new system needs to do (the functional areas).
  • Which product best meets their needs.
  • What it takes to develop or customize the product.

1What is AgileSelect?

AGILESelect is a system selection methodology that uses the Agile approach to accelerate business requirements gathering and systems selection by facilitating collaborative decision making and through the development of a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) or a prototype. 

2What are the benefits?

  • Agile is a way that produces value by giving control of deliverables, thus enabling measurable and visible progress.
  • In a short period of time, we help our clients choose a solution that optimizes their business needs that fits their budget, saving cost and time incurred in long selection processes.
  • AgileSelect give our clients compressed delivery schedules, more flexibility and transparency in the learning technology selection process.
  • It helps show clearer linkages between their decisions with business outcomes.

4What is involved?

We draw on extensive experience and market knowledge of Learning and Knowledge Management Systems. We have developed a series of activities structured in a way to follow the agile principles that help accelerate the selection process.

5How is it different?

  • Rework requirements in the form of User Stories
  • Product Owners and senior members of the team play ‘Planning Poker’ to determine the complexity of the user stories
  • Complex user stories are further broken down into sub User Stories
  • The user stories are arranged in priority, keeping the MVP in mind. Those User Stories that are required for a successful MVP float to the top of the list.
  • Use of whiteboard/ flipchart to develop your MVP

8Can we use our own Agile Methodology?

Yes but it will cost more.