Program Overview

No one can deny the all-powerful nature of Social Media and Social Learning. However, beyond a few well-publicised success stories, there is a shortage of social learning initiatives which have been sustained beyond the initial launch. This workshop is suited for HR professionals who want to understand and make social learning a success in their organisations.

The workshop includes the hands-on exercise where the participants set up and build an online social learning community. The blended approach uses online resources in the workshop. Get your wireless enabled laptops to the workshop. Walk away with a clear understanding of what it requires to make social learning in your organisation.

Duration – 1 day
Topics to be covered:


Foundations of Social and Community Learning
  • Social media and learning – The big picture and trends
  • Business imperatives and challenges
  • Strengths and weakness of current social learning and community management models
  • Impact on current learning business model and architecture
Strategy & Planning
  • Understanding organisational frameworks and constraints for social learning
  • Building a business case for social learning
  • Designing communities for social learning
  • Building, managing and growing communities
Process, Culture & Technology
  • Understanding science and art required for social learning
  • Technology opportunities and considerations
  • Building, managing and growing communities
Capability and Skills
  • Community management skills
  • Incorporating social learning in learning and instructional design
Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Gain an understanding of the basics of social learning and its place in organisational learning.
  • Identify the success factors and challenges faced for social learning.
  • Learn how to develop a business case for social learning.
  • Understand how social learning provides opportunities for and impacts current learning design and delivery.
  • Learn how to design and nurture social learning community through its life stages.
  • Identify the new skillset required to establish social learning.

Our Presentation – LearnX 2010 – Accelerating Onboarding using Business Social Networks