Capability Frameworks – Too Slow for a Fast Moving World?


Capability Frameworks have been used in organisations to neatly depict the progression of skill levels. In many organisations the level you attain also links to pay and rewards. While Capability Frameworks worked well in the past when changes were less frequent, they may not be flexible enough to accommodate rapid business and workplace changes now.

We Discuss

  • Are Capability Frameworks flexible for a fast moving business? What are their current usages in organisations?
  • Are Capability Frameworks responsive to changes in business strategy or do they work in isolation?
  • Can we reduce the time and complexity of developing Capability Frameworks?


Miles Williams – GM Capability & Transformation at Bupa Australia & New Zealand. Miles is a dynamic and versatile generalist who is currently involved in providing commercial leadership and coordination to the Sales & Growth business at Bupa. He provides high-level support across all areas of business with a focus on developing people capability leadership and driving the development and delivery of transformation in the broader business.

  • Harry Ewing-Strategic Client Adviser at DDI Asia/Pacific International Limited. Harry is an experienced professional who assists organisations to develop and implement talent management strategies that deliver results for individuals and for the business.With a background in consulting and account management, Harry has worked with a broad range of clients across various industries and sectors.
  • Andrea Hannah– Principal Advisor at Queensland Public Service Commission. Andrea is an accomplished HR practitioner with over 25 + years of experience in organisational development, workforce management, and performance coaching. Andrea has worked for universities, public and private sectors industries as diverse as manufacturing, legal, agriculture, statistics and employment. She is also an active volunteer—Currently as a board member for Chameleon House and a project officer with Spur Projects, who create innovative mental health campaigns.
  • Jeevan Joshi – Producer at CapabilityCafé & LearningCafe. Jeevan is an experienced Learning and Capability practitioner who is passionate about the digitisation of  Learning & HR and building organisational and team capabilities to make it happen. Jeevan is currently involved in Future Capability projects