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Usability and e-Learning _Critical Connection

Usability and e-Learning – The Critical Connection

An interface is the medium via which the human (user) interacts with the product or application. The design of an interface whether it is...

4 reasons why employee social learning will fail at work

Yes, I know that Facebook has 23 million users. Yes, I see people on Facebook everywhere I look - on the trains, at traffic...
When Social means Business … Learning Cafe

When Social means Business …

Last week news was abounding that Microsoft are about to announce their acquisition of social media company Yammer for $1.2B. Although not yet confirmed,...
Open Source Learning Jeevan Joshi Learning Cafe

Open source in corporate learning – The need to take it seriously.

The world of learning has been buffeted by the GFC and its after effects. Almost all forms of learning have been impacted. In Australia,...
Top 10 learning technology predictions Jeevan Joshi

Gartner’s top tech 2012 predictions: Impact on learning at 3 levels

The highly respected information technology research and advisory company Gartner has made the top 10 enterprise technology predictions for 2012. You can access the...


I've been reading with interest recent articles and blog posts proclaiming that social practices won't work in the enterprise. Posts such as ‘You ready...