L&D Capability

L&D Capability

Share and prosper!

We work in teams within organisations and organisations form part of a larger community of suppliers, distributors and customers. In the past, and there...

Find the need, demonstrate the value

In order to understand a tool, you have to use it. In order to understand its value you have to apply its use to...

The disillusionment of training

The Freedictionary provides the following description of disillusionment; "having lost one's ideals, illusions, or false ideas about someone or something; disenchanted" I've been spending a lot...

Know-how: leave a legacy!

The most recent Learning Cafe Webinar focussed on finding, sharing and growing internal expertise.  Some of the discussion was about knowledge sharing and it...

Trust or Bust – attracting and growing performance professionals

In his book (2006) The Speed of Trust, Stephen M R Covey draws together a very convincing argument about how a high level of...

The Blame Game

Unfortunately the ‘blame game’ isn’t something linked to my last post about gamification. It relates to a catchphrase that was a running joke in...