Effective Learning

Effective Learning


The “un-science” of learning evaluation

Evaluation is notoriously under-done in the corporate sector. And who can blame us? With ever increasing pressure bearing down on L&D professionals to put out the...

The Blame Game

Unfortunately the ‘blame game’ isn’t something linked to my last post about gamification. It relates to a catchphrase that was a running joke in...

Method and madness – Disconnect between learning & knowledge

I've oftened wondered about the organisational disconnect between Learning and KM/Documentation areas. For years the model has perpetuated a sort of 'doubling up' on...

Did anyone ask if you wanted email?

At my last post The Effectiveness of Learning - Ready Set Go (Part 2) which discussed the implementation of e-learning, I mentioned I'd write...

The Effectiveness of Learning – Ready, Set, Go! (Part 2)

This post follows on from The Effectiveness of Learning - Ready, St, Go (Part 1) which discussed the first four of eight points about implementing e-learning. ...

The Effectiveness of Learning – Ready, Set, Go! (Part 1)

This post follows on from "The Effectiveness of Learning - deleting instruction" and concentrates on the implementation of e-learning. The following four points represent the...