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Applying Behavioural Economics to Learning

Learning Cafe is kicking of another collaborative project exploring the application of Behavioural Economics to Learning. The hypothesis will test is "Applying behavioural economics to decisions...
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Organisational Complexity and Implications for Leadership and Coaching

In some organisations coaching sometimes sits awkwardly in the Learning and Development function - being seen more as an “ad hoc” tool used by...

Informal learning:formal recognition

As a result of using either a sophisticated Learning Management System or a simple spreadsheet, we know how to record the outcomes, assessment results...

Do you have a Personal Development Plan?

Sat in a meeting room somewhere in Manchester my quarterly review was drawing to a close. It had been a good conversation, a chance...
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Playing by numbers

The theme of last week's Learning Cafe in Sydney was How to Win Friends and Influence Learning Stakeholders. Among the stakeholders considered was the "C-Level...

True Pioneer: William C Norris

With all the discussion we have about learning technologies, social networking and relevance to learning it's worth spending a few minutes to reflect on,...