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Learning & Performance

Employee Engagement & Coaching

Employee engagement – the Australian dilemma: The role of coaching and and leadership styles

In February 2009 Fiona Smith reported in the Australian Financial on the most recent (till then) Gallup poll of 1000 workers. The poll showed...

Share and prosper!

We work in teams within organisations and organisations form part of a larger community of suppliers, distributors and customers. In the past, and there...

The disillusionment of training

The Freedictionary provides the following description of disillusionment; "having lost one's ideals, illusions, or false ideas about someone or something; disenchanted" I've been spending a lot...

Method and madness – Disconnect between learning & knowledge

I've oftened wondered about the organisational disconnect between Learning and KM/Documentation areas. For years the model has perpetuated a sort of 'doubling up' on...

Did anyone ask if you wanted email?

At my last post The Effectiveness of Learning - Ready Set Go (Part 2) which discussed the implementation of e-learning, I mentioned I'd write...

Brainstorming: From Dark Clouds to Sunshine

A few months ago I led a brainstorming session for an organisation wanting to break into a new market and differentiate on service and price. The...