Content Curation for Learning – Beyond the Basics


Content Curation is rapidly becoming a key L&D skillset. But curation is almost as old as human civilisation itself and has been central to the media industry (newspapers). L&D is at the beginning of the content curation journey and may not be tapping into its existing body of knowledge and skills. We discuss with an experienced panel about current trends and better practices and in particular talk about using technology platforms to assist with curation.


We had over 130+ register for this webinar, where we discussed the current trends and better practices in Content Curation. Here is a quick overview on what our expert panellists discussed:

  • Jeevan Joshi- Walkthrough on the different stages of content curation & Case Study on Jeevan’s Curated Weekly Business Podcasts.
  • Paul Boicovitis-  Lessons learnt in implementing content curation and how it has impacted learning in their organisation.
  • Tim Dodd- Shared the parallels and differences in Journalism and L&DHere are some quick stats from our webinar survey highlighting how Learning strategies are evolving so as to lift business performance and to drive continuous learning.

Survey Insights

  • Content Curations growing popularity is undisputed, with most respondents indicating it to be a part of their learning strategy.
  • The accelerating speed of business and the growing challenge to do more with less certainly implies the need for L&D to acquire skills like Content Curation that helps to distil useful content.
  • Content Curation has given L&D a new way to keep up with the ever-increasing pace of Learning delivery goals by curating high-quality content in a short period of time.
  • The first step to effective Content Curation is to think of learners as consumers so as to curate the right learning resources that deliver the most value.
  • While finding meaningful learning effectiveness measures will always be L&D’s top priority, tracking learner engagement is considered to be the most robust metric for curated content.


Webinar Statistics

Nearly all surveyed respondents, 81% report that they have made a significant start by adopting content curation as part of their learning strategy reflecting a tremendous progress in this area. While 12% said they were unsure, 7 % said they were yet to implement.


L&D sees itself amid a role change, with 78% indicating L&D should take up Content Curation as a new skill. 18 % said they were unsure, while only 4% expressed the need to outsource it.



Our stats reflect the various benefits of Content Curation where 42% believe it drives employees towards continuous learning and 38% felt it provides high-quality content in a short span of time. The remaining 15% said it can bring about a diversity of thoughts and establish thought leadership, while only 5% felt it could help overcome budget and time constraints.


Among the top best practices for effective Content Curation, 71% indicated that understanding their employees was most critical followed by 21% who felt content selection is the second most important practice. Only 5 % said content distribution is important, while 3% said it is important to customize and contextualize the learning experience by annotating content.


While L&D teams move to newer methods of learning delivery, evaluating success by different metrics becomes equally important. 79% of our respondents felt tracking employee engagement can help decide if the curated content was useful and compelling to learners. 14% said the increase in time spent can help measure the success of the program while 7% said the frequency of visits to the curated site and the number of views & clicks it receives could be some of the key metrics.



  • Paul Boicovitis-Global Learning Senior Content Curator at Telstra
  • Tim Dodd – Education Editor at Australian Financial Review. 
  • Jeevan Joshi – Learning Architect at LearningCafe & CapabilityCafe. 

Content Curation for Learning - Workshop

  • Date & Time: Thurs, 30th Nov 8:30 am– 4.30 pm
  • Cost:  $400 + GST
  • Location: Sydney
  • Describe the business need for content curation and dissemination in organisations.
  • Develop an appropriate and effective content curation strategy.
  • Develop skills to curate content effectively.
  • Select and use appropriate curation tools effectively.
  • Develop a plan of action to meet current and future requirements and vision for using curated content in Learning solutions.
  • Create and follow a Personal Development Plan to increase proficiency in content curation and dissemination.