Day in the life of a Capability Manager


Capability has become a very popular term in management. A search on on the term “Capability” turned up over 8000 jobs in Australia including Learning and Capability Manager, Capability Development Lead, Capability and Culture Consultant and many more.

Our research indicates that while “Capability” is a popular term, it means different things and seems to encompass many different outcomes and job roles.

So who is a Capability Management Professional and what do they do? Join us as we talk to an experienced panel who are trying to shape Capability Management in their organisations. We also present CapabilityCafe’s own view on what encompasses this increasingly important function in achieving business results.

Date & Time : 12th May 2017, 12 – 1 pm Sydney Time

We discuss

  1. What does your day look like as a Capability Management professional?
  2. What is your view of Capability Management and how is Capability Management shaping up in your organisation?
  3. Is it a profession in its own right? What are the required skills?


Catarina Rogers CapabilityCafeJeevan Joshi LearningCafe

Darin Fox – Capability Lead at Sydney Water. Darin is a masters degree qualified professional and accredited in a range of organisational and psychometric measurement tools. He is known and trusted for delivering innovative strategies in organisational development, talent management, culture, leadership and change.

Catarina Rogers – Organisational Development Manager – Enterprise Capability at UnitingCare Queensland. Catarina is a learning and organisational development professional with a passion for working with business units to identify solutions which support organisational strategy, build leadership capability and lead to improved customer outcomes.

Jeevan Joshi – Producer at CapabilityCafé & LearningCafe. Jeevan is an experienced Learning and Capability practitioner who has held Sales roles with leading organisations.