Designing Learning for Peak Performance



In sports, athletes need to perform at their best to run the fastest, throw the furthest or jump the highest to win medals. Everything comes down to that single second, minute or game when athletes need to be performing at their peak. Their physical and mental training is designed for peak performance at the critical moment. Like athletes, employees need to achieve peak performance at certain critical times such as:

  • Sales – Making a bid presentation for a big sales deal. closing deals at the end of the quarter or taking to a retain an existing account.
  • HR/Learning – Developing HR/Change plan for the impending merger, announcing retrenchments or a go live for LMS.
  • Manufacturing – Reacting to a serious safety incident or go-live of a new facility,
  • Marketing – New product launch or reacting to a major campaign by competitors.
  • IT – Major systems upgrade or being hacked (denial of service).
  • Finance – Year end reporting or reducing debt when the share price falls.

Every employee, athlete or individual performs at two levels; “business as usual” and peak performance (high stakes). In this webinar, a panel of experienced Learning professionals with an interest in sports performance management and training, discuss this important but hardly talked about topic.

Questions for Discussion

  • What are the ingredients for peak performance? How do we measure peak performance?
  • Can we learn from sports training & coaching to design Learning that helps the employee perform at elevated levels of performance when required?
  • How much is Learning currently focusing on designing solutions for peak performance (compared to business as usual)?
  • What are the Learning design considerations for peak performance?

Caselet- Can Rhonda get the team ready for a major product launch? 

LearningCafe- Designing Learning for Peak Performance

Derek is not getting much sleep, thinking about all the things that could go wrong with the new home loan product launch in 8 weeks. As the head of the business division, Derek knows the success of the new product is critical to the financial success of the bank and to keep the shareholders happy. He knows that the market is extremely competitive and the implementation of the launch strategy is critical to corner a large market share quickly. He wants the whole team to be fine tuned for the launch.

Derek has asked Rhonda (Learning Business Partner), to design a series of workshops and communications to build the capability required. Bert mentioned that the team is already overloaded and stressed about the product launch what would have us think about it and come back with a plan. As an experienced Learning professional, Rhonda is aware that the learning solution should be focused on helping the team prepare for those critical phases of the product launch where things may go wrong.

What kind of learning solution should Rhonda design?


Hamish McMaster-LearningCafe- Designing Learning for Peak Performance David Le Page LearningCafe- Designing Learning for Peak Performance  Jeevan Joshi-LearningCafe- Designing Learning for Peak Performance



  • Hamish McMaster – Hamish is a Registered Psychologist with over sixteen years experience in HR management and consulting for organisations such CBA, Macquarie Bank and Deloitte.Hamish is currently a Consulting Psychologist to the National and State UNSW Swim Squads.
  • David Le Page – David is an experienced Learning professional who has held a wide variety of management roles including as the Learning Leader for IBM Global Business Services ANZ & Japan. David actively competes in triathlons and is on the board of Aquatics and Recreations Victoria.
  • Jeevan Joshi – Founder – Learning Cafe – Jeevan is an experienced Learning and HR practitioner who is passionate about the digitisation of  Learning & HR. Jeevan has worked for EY, PWC, Boots, SumTotal and Upside.