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The Learning Cafe community is coming across requirements for designing Learning Solutions to effectively use and retain organisational knowledge. The conversation goes something like this – Is there a way we can design and develop a learning solution (classroom workshop, online course, blended offering) that captures the knowledge of our experienced employees and makes it available to newer or less experienced employees?

In recent times the proliferation and easier access to knowledge/information on the internet (think twitter) have made the task of capturing knowledge more challenging. There is so much information available that is a challenge to even know where to start. Further organisational processes and information are changing more frequently. Can the L&D professional help by designing learning solutions that help organisations help retain and use this rapidly changing brew?

Questions for Discussion

1. Are you designing Learning Solutions with the objective of making organisational knowledge available to those who don’t have it? If yes, what are the design considerations?
2. What are the opportunities and challenges of working with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who have this knowledge? Is there a certain style that works best in engaging with SMEs?
3. How do we design learning solutions that can refresh as the knowledge changes while keep ongoing maintenance costs low?
4. Does your organisation have a formal Knowledge Management process and function? Does L&D interact with KM in your organisation?
5. Can social learning or social media be incorporated into the design? Can Personal Learning Networks be incorporated?

Caselet  – Troppo Engineering Services Capturing Knowledge Before It Goes

Troppo Engineering Services is a 100-year-old engineering consulting company that has had phenomenal growth in recent years due to the mining boom. The organisation has many engineers at the top of their game employees who are getting close to retirement. The General Manager is worried that the experience and knowledge of these employees have not been captured and will not be passed on putting major projects at risk. The need has become more urgent with end the “mining boom”, as Troppo has to reduce its workforce by 15% including some senior engineers. There is a window of 12 months and the GM has asked you to design “something that is quick and cheap” that addresses what is becoming a major business pain.

    • What is your suggested solution? Will your design have built in mechanisms to keep the course up to date?
    • There are 2 types of SMEs exiting the organisation: retiring and happy to give their time and those being made redundant and not pleased with it. How will you engage with these two groups of SMEs?
    • How will you measure if the learning solution has been successful?

Natalie Nunn- Learning Cafe-Designing Learning Solutions to Retain Organisational Knowledge Pierre De Villiers- Learning Cafe-Designing Learning Solutions to Retain Organisational KnowledgeJeevan Joshi- Learning Cafe-Designing Learning Solutions to Retain Organisational Knowledge

  • Natalie Nunn Oceania Learning & Development Leader at EY. Natalie has held senior L&D leadership positions at EY, Blake & Dawson and Hilton.
  • Pierre DeVilliers – Learning, Talent & Diversity Leader – Pacific at Marsh Pty Ltd. Pierre has over 14 years of experience in Learning with organisations such as Deloitte and PKF.
  • Jeevan Joshi Founder – Learning Cafe – Jeevan is an experienced Learning and HR practitioner who is passionate about the digitisation of  Learning & HR and building organisational and team capabilities to make it happen.
Who should attend
  • HR, Learning and Capability Development Managers and Consultants.
  • Classroom Trainers and Instructional Designers.
  • Learning Business partners.



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