Does Learning pay too much attention to Leadership Development?

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Do we have a debate on our hands! Leadership development has been a sacred cow for learning. There is no debate that leaders and their development is important for the health of the organisation.

However, do we spend too much attention,  time and money on leadership development? Indeed is leadership as important as it was before as we move away from a “command and control” organisation. Is a disproportionate amount of talent and budget of the learning function directed to leadership development? Is it better directed at employees and middle managers?

Or is there a need to increase the focus on leadership development as they face an increasingly complex and challenging world.

The Panel

Jeevan Joshi-LearningCafe- Does Learning pay too much attention to Leadership Development? Judy Greenslade-LearningCafe- Does Learning pay too much attention to Leadership Development? 

We hope you can attend this online webinar debate. Learning Cafe Webinars allows an opportunity for Learning professionals to hear and discuss Learning issues, challenges and trends. Of course, it follows the basic tenet of Learning Cafe – No sales or vendor messaging!

How are these webinars different?

  • As mentioned no sales or vendor messaging. Pure discussion focussed on developing learning capability.
  • Hear experienced learning practitioners share their thoughts.
  • Focus on the practical aspects of the topic.


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