Announcing LearningCafe Melbourne UnConference 2016

[biginfopane title=”Sydney UnConference – Thu, 23 Feb, 2017″ href=”” buttontitle=”Register” target=”_blank”]Register now and avail the Early Bird passes @ $440  till 30th Nov, 2016. Limited seats.[/biginfopane]

[tab title=”The Difference”]

  • Focus on quality and value-add- UnConference has rated above 4.25/5 with 95% participants wanting to come next year. This is achieved through a combination of experienced facilitators, content selection and event design. Attendance is limited to 120.
  • We cover forward looking trends and themes relevant to our profession. No “push presentations”. Participate in sessions facilitated by experienced L&D professionals.
  • Gathering of experienced and passionate practitioners who want improve their craft.
  • No exhibitions or selling messages. We discuss what is relevant and not what is sponsored.
  • Speak out as it is – We explore contrarian views to some popular perceptions (e.g “Is Learning is too important to be in HR”)
  • Focus on quality not quantity. The UnConference will be limited to 130 participants (first come first serve).


[tab title=”Learning Objectives”]

  • Cover in depth, emerging themes and challenges in Learning from a practitioners point of view.
  • Create unique perspectives through discussions with experienced and forward looking Learning practitioners.
  • Access content developed by the Learning Café community such as MOOCs@Work and TinCan@work.
  • Experience through the UnConference blended, social and experiential learning.

[tab title=”UnConference Streams”]

  • Capability for Performance
  • Effective Learning
  • Developing our Profession
  • Enabling Technology
  • Synthesis and Integration


[tab title=”Fees”]

  • Regular = 440 + GST
  • Learning Professional in Transition = 250 + GST (Please contact


[big_header]The Difference – Participant Feedback. Rated 4.25/5 [/big_header]

[speaker photo=”” name=”Louise Dooley” post=”QBE Insurance” company=”Training Partner”]“It was a wonderful day, which I got a lot out of. It was well organised, offering a great opportunity to network, while generating new ideas and ways of thinking about what we do and how we do it. ”[/speaker]

[speaker photo=”” name=”David Hatton” post=”Learning & Development Manager ” company=”Imperial Tobacco Australia”]“My first UnConference and it was a fantastic networking opportunity, hear new ideas and have some good old ideas reinforced”.[/speaker]

[speaker photo=”” name=”Judy Greenslade” post=”Learning and Development Manager” company=”EY”]“Great to meet and mix with other L&D professionals. There was a lot of honesty and openness and that was fantastic”[/speaker]

[speaker photo=”” name=”Nadia Blaess” post=”Learning & Development Manager” company=”Pernod Ricard Winemakers”] “Great conference with so many great topics. Would have been nice to focus more time on less topics, to really truly get to deep dive on the topic and discuss”[/speaker]

[big_header]Experienced Stream Leads and Facilitators[/big_header]

[speaker photo=”” name=”Peter Hall” post=”Head of Learning & Development Aust & APAC” company=”QBE“]Stream Lead – Enabling Technology[/speaker]

[speaker photo=”” name=”Tim Drinkall” post=”National Learning Manager” company=”Simplot Australia” link=”” target=”_blank”]Stream Lead – Effective Learning[/speaker]

[speaker photo=”” name=”David Le Page” post=”Melbourne Community Manager” company=”LearningCafe” link=”” target=”_blank”]Stream Lead – Growing Our Profession[/speaker]

[speaker photo=”” name=”Jeevan Joshi” post=”Producer/Founder” company=”LearnningCafe” link=”” target=”_blank”]Stream Lead – Integration[/speaker]

[speaker photo=”” name=”Ashley Spowart” post=”Head of Learning & Development” company=”Guild Group” link=”″ target=”_blank”][/speaker]

[speaker photo=”” name=”Andrew Wright” post=”Manager” company=”Worldwide Intranet Challenge” link=”″ target=”_blank”][/speaker]

[speaker photo=”” name=”Joyce Seitzinger” post=”Founder” company=”Academic Tribe” link=”” target=”_blank”][/speaker]

[speaker photo=”” name=”Ian MacLean” post=”Manager – National Education and Training” company=”headspace” link=”″ target=”_blank”][/speaker]

[speaker photo=”” name=”Mathias-Otte” post=”Head of Learning Services” company=”BUPA” link=””][/speaker]

[speaker photo=”” name=”Libby Lake” post=”Management Consultant -Talent & Organisation” company=”Accenture” link=”″][/speaker]

[speaker photo=”” name=”Julie Owens” post=”Senior Manager Banking Capabilities” company=”ANZ” link=”″][/speaker]

[speaker photo=”” name=”Ramona Saligari” post=”National Learning & Organisational Development Mgr” company=”Maddocks Lawyers”][/speaker]

[speaker photo=”” name=”Arun Pradhan” post=”Senior Learning & Performance Consultant” company=”Deakin Prime” link=””][/speaker]

[speaker photo=”” name=”Theresa Lim” post=”CEO & Founder” company=”Play2Lead” link=””][/speaker]

[speaker photo=”” name=”Brenda Frisk” post=”Chief Innovation and Operations Officer” company=”EON Reality Australia” link=””][/speaker]

[speaker photo=”” name=”Erik van Vulpen” post=”CX Innovation | Digital Strategy | Communication” company=”Plattar” link=””][/speaker]


Insights from the Sydney UnConference 2016 from Jeevan Joshi on Vimeo.


Sydney UnConference 2016 – Measuring Learning Effectiveness by Vanessa Blewitt from Jeevan Joshi on Vimeo.


Sydney UnConference 2016 – Time to Experiment with Leadership Development by Natalie Nunn from EY from Jeevan Joshi on Vimeo.


Bob Spence -LearningCafe Awardee for Outstanding Contribution to Australian L&D 2016 from Jeevan Joshi on Vimeo.


[big_header]UnConference MindMap[/big_header]

[one_third]Attend Experiential Learning Workshops

  • Agile Approach for  Learning
  • Content Curation for L&D
  • Virtual Reality Design
  • Blended Learning Fundamentals
  • XAPI/TinCan
  • Innovation Approach for L&D
  • Business Acumen for L&D
  • Enterprise Learning Architecture


[one_third]Join Ideas@work Projects

  • xAPI/TinCan@Work
  • Content Curation@Work
  • Open Source Learning
  • MOOCs@Work


[one_third_last]Coffee Catch Ups and Webinars[/one_third_last]




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