In July we tackle a theme that has been running a close second and one that is enigmatic and highly visible.

We tackle this theme at 2 levels

Can it be considered a mainstream learning approach for the enterprise? – We explore what gamification is, how far or close it is to becoming mainstream. The challenges and approaches to its practical application.

Will it change the design learning? Will it fundamentally impact the way we design learning? What the new approach that instructional design will require and how big will this jump be?

We Discuss

    1. What is this gamification? Why are we hearing so much of it? It is “fashionable” or here to stay?
    2. Is it peripheral or joining mainstream learning at the workplace? Can it be incorporated into classroom and vocational training?
    3. Will the business warm to it? Or will our learners demand it?
    4. How does gamification impact our current design processes, budget and team capability?
    5. What is the roadmap to explore and include gamification in enterprise learning?

learning cafe webinar_registerDate: 26 July, Thursday 12 pm – 1 pm, EST /Sydney