Work is becoming more interconnected as the pace of business increases. The Future of work promises to be one that is very different from today. LearningCafe considers that the simple view of organisational learning needs to evolve from a stand alone and linear view to one that recognises this interconnectedness and complexity involved in designing and implementing Learning/HR solutions.

Taking an ecosystem view removes the siloed thinking and recognises the connections, constraints and trade offs involved in designing effective Learning solutions.

In this webinar we discuss with an experienced panel about the Learning ecosystems and how it practically manifests itself in our day to day work.

Date & Time : Thu, 27th July 2017, 12 – 1 pm Sydney Time

We Discuss

  1. Why is the ecosystem view that incorporates biological and engineering aspects relevant for L&D to deliver effective solutions?
  2. How “order taking” approach is diminishing the value add that L&D provides?
  3. How will the “ecosystem” view impact the design and implementation approach and methods?
  4. What L&D will need to learn and unlearn to take an “ecosystem” approach?



  • Jeevan Joshi – Learning Architect at LearningCafe & CapabilityCafe. Jeevan is an experienced Learning and Capability practitioner who is passionate about the digitisation of  Learning & HR and building organisational and team capabilities to make it happen. Jeevan is currently involved in Future Capability projects.
  • David Hegarty– CEO at KnowHowHere. David has been researching, discussing, implementing and assessing the intersection of learning and technology for over 20 years and has helped hundreds of organisations and millions of learners to achieve better performance through learning. 

Thursday, 27th July
12pm to 1pm Sydney Time