Workplace Learner As Consumer : Can L&D Reorient to Deliver Value?

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Learner Centric Approach is defined as – “L&D that operates from a Learner’s (our customer’s) point of view. Rather than developing new learning solutions and attempting to convince learner’s to consume them, a learner-centric L&D develops products and services that learners need”

However, can we stretch the boundaries a bit further,  to see our Learners as consumers, who can choose to take up (or buy) or ignore Learning delivered by L&D? This may already be the case for Learning that is “non-mandatory”.  Are low completion or attendance rates for non-mandatory Learning, a result of our inability to meet Learner requirements?  Do we need to take a marketing and branding approach to discover and produce what appeals to our learners? It opens a whole new way of thinking of designing Learning.

We Discuss

  • Is anybody discussing or better still – designing learner-centric learning solutions?
  • What is involved in becoming learner-centric? Is it just a mindset or a whole new way of doing things in L&D?
  • Should we view Learners as consumers and design “non-mandatory” Learning that they will “buy”? Will need to use marketing approach to increase uptake?
  • What are some of the more visible learner dissatisfaction areas? Why has something not been done about it?


Jenelle West -Workplace Learner As Consumer : Can L&D Reorient to Deliver Value?Kara McLeod -LearningCafe Workplace Learner As Consumer : Can L&D Reorient to Deliver Value?Jeevan Joshi -LearningCafe Workplace Learner As Consumer : Can L&D Reorient to Deliver Value?

  • Jenelle West – Manager Learning Governance, Strategy & Policy at Suncorp Group.  Jenelle is an experienced Learning and Development leader specialising in financial services, regulatory compliance, sales/soft skills, leadership development, change management and organisational development.
  • Kara McLeod – Asia-Pacific Employer Branding Manager at Ernst & Young. Kara has worked with a myriad of organisations to develop both corporate and employer branding strategies, however, her true passion lies in the later. As a devoted employer branding practitioner, Kara has played an integral part in developing EVP strategies for GM Holden, St.George Bank and Ernst & Young.
  • Jeevan Joshi – Founder – Learning Cafe – Jeevan is an experienced Learning and HR practitioner who is passionate about the digitisation of Learning & HR. Jeevan has worked for EY, PWC, Boots, SumTotal and Upside.