Learning Analytics – From Reactive to Predictive


While the term Learning Analytics has been around for some time, it has been mostly restricted to data collecting from the Learning Management Systems such as completions data. Learning analytics has to evolve beyond simply reporting to making predictions. We discuss current trends in Learning Analytics and how xAPI, Artificial Intelligence will impact Learning Analytics.


sarajit poddar learningcafeVanessa Blewitt LearningCafe

  • Sarajit Poddar – Workforce Planning & Analytics SME at Ericsson
  • Vanessa Blewitt – Global Transformation Lead – Learning Intelligence and Effectiveness at Nestle
  • Jeevan Joshi – Founder – LearningCafe & CapabilityCafe

We discuss

  • Why Learning data needs from a reactive mode of collecting completion information to using predictive data to make Learning more effective.
  • How xAPI and other emerging standards provide a platform for better analytics but have implementation challenges.
  • The opportunities to link learning analytics with business outcomes.
  • How Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning will demand better Learning Analytics.