Time for Learning & Knowledge Management to Merge?


Learning and Knowledge Management are now converging to the extent that you have to wonder if there is a separation anymore. Content curation, microlearning, 70:20:10 being advocated in Learning have a strong Knowledge Management flavour.

From a standalone function delivering mostly classroom and compliance/technical learning, L&D is becoming a sophisticated function incorporating capability and knowledge management to keep the workforce ready for the accelerating speed of business.

Join us as we explore this theme with an experienced panel of Learning & Knowledge Management professionals whether it is time to merge the functions.

We Discuss

  1. Are 70:20, microlearning, informal learning etc another flavour of Knowledge Management and exist only because Learning and Knowledge Management operate as silos?
  2. How can Knowledge Management be incorporated into Learning design?
  3. What additional skills and capabilities do Learning professionals require to incorporate Knowledge Management?
  4. Is there a case for Learning and Knowledge Management to merge or are they sufficiently different? How would a combined function look like?


Lyn Murnane-LearningCafe-Time for Learning & Knowledge Management to MergeRob Wilkins-LearningCafe-Time for Learning & Knowledge Management to MergeJeevan Joshi-Learning Cafe-Time for Learning & Knowledge Management to Merge

  • Lyn Murnane– Knowledge Services Design Consultant at Bupa Australia & New Zealand. Lyn is an experienced Knowledge Management professional who has been responsible for the thought leadership, best practice approaches and general uplift of Knowledge Management Capability. She is passionate about knowledge sharing and finding ways to collate, store and manage it for future use. Lyn helps to empower people to do their jobs effectively by connecting them with the information they need to achieve this.
  • Rob Wilkins– Leader – Information Management at NSW Department of Education. Rob is an experienced Leader in L&D, Knowledge & Information Management & Digital Learning. He is a business professional with extensive experience in Learning and Performance and HR. Rob brings his unique perspective as a practitioner, a learner and researcher in corporate learning. His experience has been gained over the last 25 years.
  • Jeevan Joshi – Producer Learning Cafe & CapabilityCafe– Jeevan is an experienced Learning and Capability practitioner who is passionate about the digitisation of  Learning & HR and building organisational and team capabilities to make it happen. Jeevan is currently involved in Future Capability projects.