LearningCafe Year End Omnibus Webinar

LearningCafe ran a year-end omnibus webinar covering all aspects of Learning. During this 2 hour webinar, we spoke to a panel of experienced learning practitioners who reviewed the year that was and the next one in the world of corporate learning.

Thursday, 7th December
12pm to 1pm Sydney Time


We had over 160+ register for this webinar, where we discussed the current and future trends in Enterprise Learning. Here is a quick overview on what our expert panelists had to say-

  • 12.00 pm : State of Organisational Learning – Trends in Learning & Development at EY, Global Learning and Change Journey at EY
  • 12.30 pm : Learning Design in Flux – Organisational Learning shifting away from mandatory Learning, Thinking of Learners As Consumers, Using Agile in Learning Design & Delivery
  • 1:00 pm :   Two Speed Learning Tech – Different Tech Approaches to Learning Delivery, LearningCafe View on Emerging Technology
  • 1.30 pm :   Roadmap for our Profession – Trends in the L&D Job Market, L&D Skills/competencies in-demand, LearningCafe’s Professional Development Framework for L&D
State of Organisational Learning 

Learning Design in Flux 

Two Speed Learning Tech 

Roadmap for our Profession

Survey Insights
  • The future of Learning is about L&D undergoing a structural change with technology playing an increasing role where majority of our respondents feel the skill gap in L&D will increase. The major skill gaps that our year end webinar & Enterprise Learning Confluence will focus on are
  1. Capability Management
  2. Artificial Intelligence
  3. Performance Consulting
  4. Content Curation/ Knowledge Management
  5. Human Centred Design/Agile
  6. AR/VR
  • Based on our survey, we found learning budgets will hit a plateau in 2018, while some predict next year will see organisations spend more on employee development. Is it time for L&D to prove their business and financial credentials, taking accountability for business performance.
  • Many of our respondents foresee 2018 to be the year of opportunities despite the growing threat of job losses due to automation. Is L&D being nearsighted or have they identified future capabilities to stay relevant.
  • With the integration of several new features and updated versions, most of our respondents feel that learning delivery via the LMS will increase as this platform has been successful in the past, particularly at a time when L&D is pursuing effective and accessible learning. But with the influx of newer technology like VR/AR and changing business models, will the LMS continue to be a sustainable solution or will it diminish.
Webinar Statistics


With the onset of the fourth industrial revolution where technologies like AI, Machine Learning, IOT, robotics are gaining momentum, more than half of our respondents nearly  56%  think the skill gap in L&D professionals will increase in 2018 while 33% feel it will remain the same as 2017.


49% think the Organisational Learning spend will remain the same in 2018 while 38 % feel there will an increase next year as organisations want to leverage learning to help them stay on top of their game. In this webinar we try to explore what could be the top budget priorities in 2018.


Despite the fear of job loss due to automation and its increased adoption, 46% feel optimistic about job opportunities in 2018. But do L&D have the required skills to fill in newer job roles? While 38 % felt it would remain the same as last year. The remaining respondents nearly 16% felt it would be worse than 2017.


While many organisations continue to rely on the LMS for their learning delivery needs, 50% feel there will be an increase in Learning delivered via the LMS in 2018. Whereas 30 % think it will remain the same. With learning in the workplace becoming more critical to business success, can the LMS truly provide a way through the chaos to Learning and Knowledge that is useful and easier to access.