LearningCafe Catch Up Macquarie Park

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Macquarie Park Coffee Catch up is for Learning Professionals from the Macquarie Park/North Ryde and adjoining suburbs.

  • Date  & Time: Thur, 8th June, 4 – 5 pm
  • Topic:  Can L&D be the Architect of Lifelong Learning?
  • Venue: Fujitsu Australia, 118 Talavera Road, Macquarie Park NSW 2113

Community Managers

Mark Bowering
Learning and Development Specialist at Fujitsu Australia.

Next Catch Up - Thur, 8th June, 4 - 5 pm @Fujitsu

Next Catch Up - Wed, 3rd May, 4 - 5 pm @Fujitsu

Discuss Deloitte Report

Thu, 23rd March, 3 - 4 pm @ Fujitsu

Feedback from the Sydney UnConference was discussed.