Making Learning Accessible – Solving A Complex Puzzle

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Our workforce is becoming more diverse with employees facing different kinds of barriers to Learning. These barriers to Learning include not only physical ones such as vision, hearing and motor disabilities but also cognitive disabilities and literacy. The combinations and variations may be too numerous to cater for using the “one size fits all” design approach.

Under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992, Australian Government agencies are required to ensure information and services are provided in a non-discriminatory accessible manner by implementing the  Web content accessibility guidelines version 2.0  (WCAG 2.0). The private sector is also choosing to address accessibility requirements as part of the social corporate responsibility.

The challenge for Learning professionals is to designing accessible Learning including:
  • a more technically challenging design and development approach.
  • requiring a bigger budget.

In this webinar, we look at the bigger picture about why accessibility is important for our society and discuss with an experienced panel about the implementation challenges of making Learning accessible to all.

We discuss

  • What are the spectrum of accessibility requirements and obligations, to make Learning and information more accessible?
  • What are the design and implementation challenges for making Learning accessible in the online and classroom format?
  • What are the budgeting implications for making Learning accessible? Can we be smart and do more within allocated budgets?


Robyn ChapmanRobyn Chapman-LearningCafe-Making Learning Accessible-Solving A Complex Puzzle – Chief Executive Officer & Company Secretary at Assistive Technology Australia

Robyn Chapman is CEO at Assistive Technology Australia. She has held a number of service management positions in the disability sector including leading the Physical Disability Council of NSW. Robyn is currently a Director of Paraquad NSW and is also a casual lecturer in the Discipline of Occupational Therapy at the University of Sydney.

Amit Garg-LearningCafe Making Learning Accessible - Solving A Complex PuzzleAmit Garg– Founder & Director (Custom Learning Solutions) at Upside Learning Solutions  | Blog | Twitter |

Amit is the Co-Founder & Director of Custom Learning Solutions at Upside Learning. He is an avid learner of mobile & helps organisations understand and implement mLearning. He has co–authored an eBook on mLearning where he shares his thoughts, knowledge and insights on technology and learning.

Chris JohnsonChris Johnson-LearningCafe Making Learning Accessible - Solving A Complex Puzzle – Senior Learning Design Consultant at CBA

Chris is a Senior Learning Design Consultant at CBA with a deep interest in learning accessibility. Chris works towards creating high quality, impactful learning initiatives that improve current learning experiences. Chris is interested in bringing new technologies and platforms to the training field to drive & support learning accessibility.

Jeevan Joshi Jeevan Joshi-LearningCafe Making Learning Accessible - Solving A Complex Puzzle Producer at LearningCafe | Blog | Twitter |

Jeevan is the producer of LearningCafe and an experienced practitioner of technology-based learning and collaboration in Australia. He currently provides strategic Digital Learning advisory services to prominent Australian organisations such as Fairfax, Westpac and ARCS.

Who should attend

Managers and senior professionals from

  • Diversity Professionals
  • L&D
  • HR