A search on Seek.com.au on the term “capability” turned up over 8000 jobs in Australia including Learning and Capability Manager, Capability Development Lead, Capability and Culture Consultant and many more. Our research indicates that while “capability” is a popular term, it means different things and seems to encompass many different outcomes and job roles.

We discuss with an experienced panel what “Capability Management” encompasses and how it manifests itself in organisations. We share what organisations are doing for “Capability Management”. Join us for a discussion on a theme that has not been under the microscope.

We discuss

  • What is “Capability Management”? What kind of work is involved?
  • Is “Capability Management” the evolution of HR/L&D which is better aligned with business? Is it consulting based?
  • Is it a profession in its own right? What are the required skills?
  • What is the future of “Capability Management”?


Tony Dunford- CapabilityCafe- Managing Capability - New Avatar of L&D/HR ? Are we doing it right?

Tony Dunford – Head of Learning Design and Delivery, Group Capability, Westpac

Tony leads a 100 + team of designers, delivery and support members at Westpac to implement the right learning solution.

Darin Fox-CapabilityCafe- Managing Capability - New Avatar of L&D/HR ? Are we doing it right?

Darin Fox Organisation Capability Manager, Optus | Twitter |

Darin is a masters degree qualified professional and accredited in a range of organisational and psychometric measurement tools. He is known and trusted for delivering innovative strategies in organisational development, talent management, culture, leadership and change.

 Jeevan Joshi-Producer, LearningCafe  | Blog| Twitter |

Jeevan is the producer of Learning Cafe and an experienced practitioner of technology-based learning and collaboration in Australia. He currently provides strategic Digital Learning advisory services to prominent Australian organisations such as Fairfax, Westpac and ARCS.

Who should attend

Managers and senior professionals from

  • Human Resources
  • Learning and Development
  • Organisational Development, People and Culture
  • Knowledge Management


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