Mostly good and room for improvement. Feedback from 2013 Sydney UnConference

UnConference Ffeedback 2013

65 experienced learning and development professions descended on the Australian Technology Park for the 2nd Learning Cafe UnConference to discuss and share thoughts on some of the big issues and trends in the L&D profession. The participants came from a cross section of organisations and industries included Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, QBE, Angus Knight. RBF, Red Cross, Ashurst and many more. Here is the analysis of the feedback from Feedback from 32 UnConference participants. All aspects scored over 4 out of 5.

2013 UnConference Feefback Graph
 What was Good

  • % of participants who indicated they would like ot attend the UnConference next year – 99%
  • Concept/Idea of UnConference (4.88) – Like last year received the highest feedback score and was the most the consistent feedback (least standard deviation).  Good endorsement of a professional development event which wants to different.
  • Stream Sessions Chosen (4.5) – The stream topics chosen for the UnConference was given the thumbs up.
  • Quality of Discussion and Facilitators (4.47)– UnConference aims for substance over style to open up new windows of thinking by experienced facilitators.
  • Value for Money – (4.38) Important feedback as the delivering value for money is an underlying design principle.

What need to be improved.

  • Discussion of Big Issues and Ideas (4.34) – The UnConference will tackle bigger issues and ideas with less “technology” only flavour.
  • Venue (4.31) – Many participants commented that they liked the venue but it was a bt noisy during stream sessions. Use of breakout rooms will be considered  next year while balancing the need to maintain the energy and buzz in the room.
  • Open Session (4.05) – The feedback for the open session had the highest standard deviation or least agreement (0.73). Open session allows anyone to speak  up and injects the “un” in the UnConference. Open session will stay but the format is likely to be improved.

Some comments

  • “Too noisy to hear in many sessions. Otherwise  awesome! Great to share ideas & best practices”
  • “Great structure and concept for networking L&D professionals”
  • “Very impressed with the level of facilitators”
  • “Thoroughly enjoyed the day and the entire concept and content”
  • “Great concept with well balanced “bunch” of various skill sets in the room”
  • “Hard to hear clearly. Need breakout rooms”

Feedback from 2013 Sydney UnConference