Near Future of Learning in Australia – Theme for Learning Cafe UnConference 16 Feb. Limited places.


What is an Unconference?

This event will be very different to any standard conference you have been to before.  If you are not sure what an unconference is, start here, browse a little and you will soon get the picture. No event management companies, no big budgets, no hard selling from sponsors and no fixed agenda. Just value added conversation amongst Learning folk on the subjects that matter to them.

There are a number of key differences between a standard conference and an unconference including:

  • The agenda is driven by the attendees, not the event organisers.  This means that the event is highly interactive and participative and whilst there will be industry experts and thought leaders in attendance, they are not driving the agenda, or, as is typical with a normal conference, delivering long, one way presentations.
  • The event is collaborative. Attendees will get involved not only in discussions on the day, but also in the organisation of the event should they wish.  If you have a specific issue you would like to address in this forum, then simply get involved and suggest it!

The format of the event is very different too.  The day will be broken up into a number of free flowing discussion groups based around subjects as suggested by the attendees in the lead up to the unconference.  Unlike a normal conference, these groups will be small and you are free to move between them at any time.  If the conversation is not value added for you, simply get up and move onto the next!