October Topic – From Competence to Capability – New Avatar for Learning/HR to Deliver Business Value ?

Capability Learning Cafe


The topic is “From Competence to Capability – New Avatar for Learning/HR to Deliver Business Value ?“. We discuss if CapabilityManagement at the employee and organisational level provides an effective framework for HR/Learning to deliver business value or if it simply rebadging Learning/HR ?

Questions we discuss

  • Emergence of Capability Management. It’s prevalence and maturity in Australia.
  • How does Capability Management operate at the individual and organisational level ? Can it accommodate frameworks such as Peter Senge’s Learning organisation and the agile approach ?
  • How Capability Management is implemented in different organisations ? What are the opportunities for and barriers to implementing Capability Management
  • What skills are required for Capability Management professionals and how can they be acquired ?


How LearningCafe Discussions Work

Invitation – is extended to experienced learning professionals who:

  • Have expertise or interest in:
  • The effectiveness of learning to deliver business results.
  • Developing capability of the learning function.
  • Implementation of “new learning” which encompasses blended learning, performance support, e-Learning and so on.
  • Have a passion for putting theory into practice.
  • Interested in pure discussion (not selling products, or services or expertise) and maintain the integrity of the discussion.


  • The topic for the session is chosen in advance by the group.
  • As a group of experienced professionals everyone’s contribution is valued and differences in opinions are respected.
  • Sales messaging for products or solutions are kept out.
  • The discussion especially about work related issues / topics are kept confidential within the group.
  • The group meets at a coffee shop and bill for the coffee is a shared expense.
  • You are not expected to attend every meeting given our busy schedules.  4 – 9 members usually turn up which results in some interesting conversation.