Panelist FAQs

LearningCafe & CapabilityCafe webinars have gained a reputation for quality content. The webinars feature experienced industry professionals who have a grounded and pragmatic view on current learning trends at the workplace.

  • LearningCafe webinars explore an industry perspective on topical themes in Learning, Performance and Knowledge Management.
  • CapabilityCafe webinars brings in expertise and best practices from some of the leading practitioners who give a topical view on management of organisational capability and the solutions to build capability.

The online discussions are free to attend and use virtual meeting technology. We have around 120+ L&D/HR professionals register for these events.

What do I need to do when?

Before webinar

  • Review the webinar overview page at or
  • Check if you can connect to Adobe Connect on your PC. For tablet and smartphone you can install the apps (IOS, Android).
  • Book a quiet room for the webinar to reduce ambient sound.
  • 3 days prior – Send us your slides they can be collated. The collated slides will be sent back to you for review before the webinar

On the Webinar Day

  • Join 20 – 30 mins before start time.
  • The session will be recorded for replay

Common Questions

How long is the webinar and what is the structure?

Our webinars usually run for 60 minutes, with each panelist having 15 mins to present their slides. The format may vary but this will be discussed with you. The webinar is an informal discussion amongst peers.

  • 1-hour Presentation Sequence & Time:
    • Jeevan Joshi – Intro /welcome/ setting context (20 mins)
    • Panelist 1 – 15 mins ( 4 to 5 slides)
    • Panelist 2 – 15 mins ( 4 to 5 slides)
    • QA – 10 mins
  • 2-hour Year-End Webinar
    • Panel 1 – 30 mins
      • Research presented – 10  mins
      • Panel discussion – 20 mins
    • Panel 2 – 30 mins
      • Research presented – 10  mins
      • Panel discussion – 20 mins
    • Panel 3 – 30 mins
      • Research presented – 10  mins
      • Panel discussion – 20 mins
    • Panel 4 – 30 mins
      • Research presented – 10  mins
      • Panel discussion – 20 mins

What is my role as a panelist?

You will be part of a 2 – 4 person panel where you will have a time slot of 10 – 15 mins to present and answer some of the big questions based on the topic.

Your role during the webinar:

  • Present your slides (if you have any).
  • Answer any questions raised by moderator on behalf of the audience.
  • Participate in the panel discussion
  • If you wish you can join the online chat to answer any questions and share your insights.

What are the benefits of presenting at the webinar?

  • Our webinars help you connect with the larger L&D/Capability Management community.
  • Practitioners can share their expertise and industry knowledge on current Learning and Capability Management trends and topics via this platform.
  • You can enhance your social visibility by participating in our social media comms on Linkedin and Twitter.

How can I prepare for the webinar?

  • Kindly send in your slides 3 days prior to the webinar
  • Refer to the final presentation which will be sent in advance.
  • You can review any content posted on and on the topic to get the context and background.
  • Join 20 mins before start time. The session will be recorded for replay.

Can I watch a replay of a previous webinar or presentation slides ?

Before & After Webinar

What do I need to do before the webinar?

  • Review your profile published on our event website via the link sent to you in advance and let us know if any changes at the earliest.
  • Prepare your presentation slides if any, using the template available here.
  • Watch this video to get familiar with the webinar platform and interface.
  • Read the Adobe Connect user guide for more information on the webinar platform.
  • You can join our social media comms by posting about the webinar or simply reposting LearningCafe/CapabilityCafe updates on LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • If you’d like to be mentioned or featured in our twitter feeds, please do share your twitter handle with us.
  • Contribute to the L&D community by spreading a word to your colleagues and friends who’d benefit from attending this webinar.

What do I need to do on the day of the webinar?

  • On the day of webinar join 30 mins before start time to test your audio.
  • You would have received an email with joining details from Adobe Connect.
  • Join from a quiet room.

What happens after the webinar?

We usually send out an email to all registrants 1-2 business days after the webinar with a brief summary on what are panelists discussed along with a link to the webinar recording and slides.

Tech Stuff

How do I join the webinar?

To join the webinar you will need to register via the link sent to you in advance. On registration you will receive an email with joining details from Adobe Connect.

Does the Adobe Connect webinar platform require a download?

No. Adobe Connect runs off of Adobe Flash Player. Flash is installed 99.8% of internet connected PC’s. Flash is the #1 software downloaded in the world, if you’ve used Facebook or YouTube, you have Flash.

Can I join the webinar via smartphone or tablet?

Yes, You have the option to connect via your smartphone or tablet by installing the free Adobe Connect from your App store. However using a desktop/laptop connected to cable internet is preferred.

How do I ensure I get the best results as a Presenter?

  • Take the Adobe Connect Diagnostic Test to ensure your computer and network connections are properly configured to provide you with the best possible webinar experience.
  • You can join the webinar via your computer (preferred due to better sound quality).
  • You will need a good quality headset (USB connection preferred) to hear and talk.

Is the webinar recorded?

The webinar will be recorded and available for viewing post the session.