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Webinar - Performance Support - Coming Up Fast in the Learning Rearview Mirror

Date: 11th October Thursday, 12 pm – 1 pm, EST /Sydney




There is growing demand for providing the knowledge a person needs to carry out their work without interrupting their workflow. This means that the right information is available at the right time and in the right context to support performance. While manuals and context sensitive help have been providing performance support, the newer generation of technology platforms including smartphones makes it possible to deliver value-added information. Is performance support becoming the preferred mode to deliver learning over classroom training and online courses? Delivering performance support learning means that the learning needs to be chunked and tagged for speedy and relevant retrieval. Does the learning function have the capability (skills, frameworks, processes and technology) to deliver this pinpoint learning?

We talk to a panel of experienced practitioners from organisations about the opportunities and challenges of designing learning for performance support. We hear from Red Cross and Standard Chartered about the imperatives for performance support and processes and technology they have put in place.

We Discuss

We discuss if and how the demand for learning that supports employee performance (right time, right content, right size) facilitated by technology (mobile, social etc) is where we are headed fast. Some questions we discuss with the panel

    1. Is performance support the “moment of truth” for learning? Why has is it been getting so much airplay recently?
    2. Why are we seeing the rapid shift of learning to performance support now? What are your observations and trends in your organisation or work?
    3. Is technology making it possible to deliver learning for performance support? Do we need to do more than just deploy technology platforms?
    4. Is there a danger that performance support (short term learning) may not build critical capabilities which need long-term interventions?
    5. Which new capabilities are required from the Learning function and the L&D professional to deliver performance support?


We have an experienced panel who are passionate about performance support.

Belinda Liu-LearningCafe- Workplace Trends Forum - Supporting Performance with LearningIan MacLean- LearningCafe-LearningCafe Workplace Trends Forum - Supporting Performance with Learning

Peter Davis-LearningCafe- LearningCafe Workplace Trends Forum - Supporting Performance with Learning




  • Belinda Liu – Global Head of Talent and Learning Operations, Standard Chartered Bank – Strategic learning and development professional who has worked in financial services, business consulting, transportation, FMCG, pharmaceuticals and social services. Proven experience in design, development and implementation of learning solutions at the country level as well as globally across multiple geographies.
  • Ian MacLean – National Instructional Design Manager – Australian Red Cross Blood Service Ian has held L&D roles in the telecommunications, banking and finance and pharmaceuticals industries over the last fifteen years, and has led instructional design teams for the last seven years. More recently, he and his team at the Blood Service have begun re-imagining themselves as performance and capability consultants rather than learning professionals.
  • Peter Davis – Moderator – Peter has worked in the L&D profession for over 20 years across a range of industries and roles. He has managed design teams in large corporates in Australia and an education consulting team across Asia Pacific.

Learning Cafe Workplace Trends Forum – Supporting Performance with Learning