Rethinking Sales Force Capability for the Changing Marketplace


Digital is having a significant impact on the way consumers buy by allowing instant access to product information, reviews and recommendation by friends. This change in the buying landscape demands new capabilities from the sales force right from leveraging lead generation from digital channels to adopting a more consultative selling approach.

We talk to a panel of experienced Sales Capability and Enablement specialists to take stock of how building Sales Capability is progressing.

We discuss

  1. How the required Sales Capabilities have changed and what is driving them?
  2. Have the current selling frameworks and methods to build Sales Capabilities kept pace?
  3. Is there a need to change the way Learning is designed and delivered to build Sales Capabilities?


Jac Peters-CapabilityCafe Rethinking Sales Force Capability for the Changing Marketplace Stuart Ayling-CapabilityCafe Rethinking Sales Force Capability for the Changing MarketplaceJeevan Joshi- CapabilityCafe-Rethinking Sales Force Capability for the Changing Marketplace

  • Jac Peters – Talent Development Manager – Sales at Coca-Cola Amatil. Jac is responsible for the delivery of a sales learning pathway aligned to business needs across approx. 2000 employees including technical sales and leadership competencies.
  • Stuart Ayling – Sales Strategist & Facilitator – Marketing Nous – Stuart specialises in assisting customers with revenue growth and sales performance improvement.
  • Jeevan Joshi – Producer at CapabilityCafé & LearningCafe. Jeevan is an experienced Learning and Capability practitioner who has held Sales roles with leading organisations.