Why Capability Management?

Recent trends have indicated Capability Management to be gaining impetus as one of the hottest skills on the business front. An article by Accenture stated the need for companies to have a human capital and HR strategy that is fully aligned with the business growth strategy in order to capitalize at all levels.

Several research reports and market insights manifests a paucity of business know how in Capability/HR/L&D professionals resulting in slowing down of business results.Organisations build capability frameworks but often struggle to link it to real business results, skills etc. Organizations need managers who can understand & manage capabilities that truly impact business performance and align their decisions accordingly.

Developing and maintaining business knowledge is imperative for Capability professionals to understand the business better and to know how it operates.This new transformation leads to aligning day to day decisions with business priorities so as to back business goals. Most professionals are struggling on ways to morph themselves into this new avatar.

Based on our webinar survey 81% HR/L&D/Capability professionals defined “Capability” as encompassing all factor like Skills & Knowledge + Process & Systems + Culture. Business Acumen was inferred to be one of the most critical skills for Capability/HR/ L&D professionals to connect people planning to business priorities. 59% rated Business Acumen as one of the key competence for Capability Management whereas 17% felt Business Analysis was an important skill to manage capability better.