xAPI/TinCan@work – A collaborative exploration by Asiapac organisations


TinCan/xAPI the new learning standards that make 70:20:10/ Performance Support/ Personal Learning Records feasible. It is the successor of SCORM 2004/1.2 but promises so much more. TinCan or more correctly xAPI (Experience API) has been announced but parts of it is still evolving. The business impact is still nascent as learning technology vendors incorporate xAPI into their platforms. The adoption in real world has a small footprint but growing. Information about xAPI/Tin Can is available at the ADNET web site.

While TinCan/xAPI is a technical specification it will profoundly impact the way we architect the design, delivery and consumption of learning. The question is not if but when TinCan/xAPI will impact us.
xAPI/TinCan has the potential to alter just about everything Learning does or will be expected to deliver.

xAPI/Tin Can@work is the name given to the collaborative exploration project facilitated by Learning Café. The aim of TinCan/xAPI@Work is to:

  • Increase awareness of TinCan/xAPI.
  • Understand business impact on Learning and Learning Experience.
  • Accelerate the organisational adoption of TinCan/ xAPI.
  • Develop implementation collateral

The Learning Café community is all about being proactive in preparing for or accelerating the adoption of new frameworks and practices to deliver business value. Over the next six months during the discovery phase, the xAPI/TinCan@work working group will explore the relevance and viability of xAPI/TinCan. View the list of participating organisations here. A dedicated website has been set up at www.tincanatwork.com